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Supporting Local Businesses

Learn more about our local businesses that contribute to our village

Lime Tree Stores – Our Valued Village Store

Running a village store is no easy job.   Long hours – being available from early in the morning until late at night – trying to stock everything that people might want – but not holding the things they don’t – and doing so at competitives prices.

Since Dan and Hayley  took on our ‘corner shop’ they have worked hard to build up new business, as well as bringing some village ‘colour’.  It’s so much more than a shop.  It’s a place to catch up on village news, or to drop in for a refreshing drink or cake.

They have daily deliveries of hot pies, and fresh bread buns supplied by Endmoor Bakery, as well as fresh sandwiches, take-away drinks, a tempting choice of sweets, as well as a good range of beers, wines and spirits.

In fact, if they haven’t got what you want, just mention it to them, and they will do their very best to help out.

Let’s not forget what is was like when it looked as if we had lost our village shop. It’s such an important part of village life so, please, make sure you pay Dan and Hayley a regular visit.  However little your purchase, it makes all the difference.  Without it, Holme would be a poorer place.


Holme Voluntary Car Scheme

Holme is fortunate in having a voluntary car scheme.  It’s available to anyone, and generally for any purpose.  Local trips are most normal, but by arrangement can go further afield. For elderly residents, it can be a God-send. It can mean the difference between :-

  • Two or three hours, possibly waiting in the cold and wet, and possibly having to walk some distance to your destination OR
  • A door to door service, in the warm, with some good conversation, which in total  takes a little over an hour.

If you are faced with a difficult trip to the hospital, doctors, dentisits, or just to the local supermarket, then it will cost you just 40p per mile.

To arrange a lift from one of our helpful, smiley volunteer drivers

CALL : 01524 782198 or 01524 781397

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